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  • Metal Conjugate Ring
  • Metal Conjugate Ring
Metal Conjugate RingMetal Conjugate RingMetal Conjugate Ring

Metal Conjugate Ring

it is a new developed packing with large flux, low pressure drop, high transfer efficiency and large operating flexibility features.



XINTAO Metal conjugate ring is a kind of filling material with metal as raw material, which is one of the most advanced and effective types of metal filling materials.   Metal conjugate ring is a new type of ring and saddle shaped packing which makes up for its shortcomings. Compared with the metal rectangular saddle ring, it has higher efficiency and stronger characteristics.

Technical Parameter

ProductMetal Conjugate Ring
Diameter (mm)162538507689
Thickness (mm)
Bulk density (kg/m3)345214193182142145
Number (PCS/m3)2010005100015000650018301160
Surface area (m2/m3)3462121451066962
Free Volume (%)95.596.296.797.597.497.1


Improved efficiency due to lateral liquid diffusion and surface film renewal

Outstanding surface utilization in mass and heat transfer applications

Shorter packed bed heights

Maximum piece-to-piece contact with minimal nesting

High strength to weight ratio allows up to a 15 metre bed height

Consistent performance due to uniform randomness

Free flowing particle design facilitates installation and removal via uniform randomising


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