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  • Metal Cascade Mini Ring
  • Metal Cascade Mini Ring
Metal Cascade Mini RingMetal Cascade Mini Ring

Metal Cascade Mini Ring



Technical Parameter:

ModelCascade Mini Ring
MaterialCarbon Steel; SS 304, 304L, 410, 316, 316L, etc.
Dimensionmm17×625×8 34×11 43×14 51×17 66×21 86×29 
Numberper m3530000150000610003300015700101404310
Bulk densitykg/m3265261190178110136114
Surface aream2/m342023816416010510878
Free volume%9696.997.497.59897.998.5
Typical ApplicationAbsorption, scrubbing and stripping services        
Package       Jumbo bag, Carton box, wooden box

a) By National Standard HG/T 4374-2012; HG/T 21556.1-1995

b) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred        


Reduced pressure drop

Reduced Pressure drop occurs because the Cascade Mini Ring has its largest opening predominantly in the direction of the vapor/liquid flow which allows for easy passage, This reduces the pressure drop significantly.

Increased plant capacity

Increased plant capacity is the direct result of the result of the reduction in pressure drop that Cascade Mini Rings provide, as this moves the operating point further away from the “critical pressure drop point” at which flooding occurs. This is typically 1-2 in., wc/ft or 10-20 mbar/in). This effect allows additional vapor/liquid handling and therefore increases plant capability.

Improved resistance to “fouling”

Improved resistance to fouling results from the the directional positioning of the rings,(largest opening in direction of flow ) as any solids entering the packed bed are more easily flushed through the packing matrix.

Higher operational efficiency

Higher operational efficiency occurs because of the preferential orientation which ensures that in most of the ring surface are positioned vertically rather than horizontally, and this is also advantageous for mass transfer. High efficiency is dependent on as much of the available surface area as possible being effectively wetted. The underside of any horizontal surface in a packed bed or tower is naturally shielded from the liquid trickling down and is therefore not fully wetted, such dry surfaces play little or no part in the mass transfer process. Cascade Mini Ring significantly reduces this effect,and therefore gives much higher plant operational efficiency.

Metal Cascade Mini Ring is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields, and is often used in chemical processes such as absorption, desorption, distillation, rectification, extraction, and drying.

Specific application areas include:

Absorption: It can be used to absorb sulfur dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other gases.

Desorption: It can be used to remove moisture, acid gas, alkaline gas, etc.

Distillation: It can be used for the fractionation of organic substances such as ethanol, acetone, toluene, and phenol.

Rectification: It can be used for rectification of organic substances such as ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, vinyl chloride, and styrene.

Extraction: It can be used for separation and purification of organic and inorganic substances, such as the extraction of metal ions.

Drying: It can be used for drying of air, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases.

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