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Customer came back to us to order molecular sieve and activated alumina 3 years later


Xintao finished production and delivery of 6500KG 1.6-2.5mm 13X-HP molecular sieve,2100KG 4A molecular sieve and 2850KG activated alumina

Customer sent us inquiry on 9th September, 2019 and come back to us on 21st August, 2022. Technician sent us 40 questions and our technical team answered profesinally and quickly. Customer also compared Xintao with paid on 1st, 13th November, 2022 . We delivered on 17th November, 2022 and will ship out on 7th December, 2022.

This customer has been founded to make a long-term commitment to provide knowledge based and high quality products and services to meet the customer's needs. Their scope of products is as follows:

• Design and manufacturing of oil injected screw type air and gas compressors

• Design and manufacturing of gas generation and separation plants

• Design and manufacturing of compression refrigeration systems and industrial HVAC systems

• Design and manufacturing of desiccant and refrigeration compressed air and gas dryers

• Supplying oil-free screw air and gas compressors of high quality brands

• Supplying breathing air and industrial high pressure compressors and accessories

13X-HP high-efficiency oxygen molecular sieve is a new type of X-type molecular sieve, which is mainly used in pressure swing adsorption oxygen production process. It has a high Nitrogen adsorption capacity and an excellent nitrogen and oxygen separation coefficient. It can significantly increase the economic benefits of oxygen production by lowering operating cost and energy consumption. They are the substitute of 5A (CaA) type molecular sieve.

XINTAO Molecular Sieve 13X-HP model XT-501 is designed for PSA portable medical oxygen concentrator 1-5L/Min. Oxygen purity can up to 93±3%.

XINTAO Molecular Sieve 13X-HP model XT-502 is designed for industrial oxygen plant. Oxygen purity can up to 93±3%.

Our annual production capacity for molecular sieve and activated alumina are both 12,000 tons.

More details, welcome to contact us:

E: info@xintaokeji.com