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The Women's Federation of Xintao was officially established!

In order to further expand the coverage of women's federations, effectively extend the tentacles of women's work, and give full play to the important role of women's federations in enterprise development, under the promotion of the work of the Municipal Women's Federation and Xintao Party Branch, Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. successfully held the first women's congress and established the Xintao Women's Federation.


On November 26, Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. held the first women's meeting. A total of 23 women representatives from various departments of the company participated. The meeting strictly followed the "All-China Women's Federation Charter", "Women's Federation Election Work Regulations" and other procedures Carried out, by adopting secret ballot method and differential election method, the first women's federation team of Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully produced;



Finally, Ms. Wu Xia, the chairman of the Women's Federation, spoke as a representative: In the future work, the members of the Executive Committee of the Women's Federation will play the responsibility of confidant sisters. Where there are women masses, there will be women's organizations; Establish a women's federation. Create a better environment for corporate women cadres and employees to make contributions, provide heart-warming services, protect the rights and interests of female employees, and seek more benefits for everyone. system, and encourage everyone to help each other and work together in the big family of the Women's Federation. Efforts will be made to build the Women's Federation into a "maternal family" with warmth, emotion and cohesion.