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2tons of 4A Zeolite Molecular Sieves Shipped to Middle East

A Middle East trader customer won the bidding of 2000kg 3-5mm 4A molecular sieve in February 2023 with quotation, TDS, COA and MSDS provided by XINTAO. Goods were shipped by end of February 2023.

Below pictures for your reference.

Guangdong Xintao molecular sieve type 4a is an alkali alumina silicate; it is the sodium form of the Type A crystal structure. 4A molecular sieve has an effective pore opening of about 4 angstroms (0.4nm). Guangdong Xintao type 4A molecular sieve will adsorb most molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 4 angstroms and exclude those larger. Such adsorb-able molecules include simple gas molecules such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and straight chain hydrocarbons. Branched chain hydrocarbons and aromatics are excluded.

Specific Application:

Deep drying of air, natural gas, alkaline, refrigerants and other gases and liquids; Static drying of pharmaceutical packaging, electronic components and perishable objects; The preparation and purification of air etc.


Guangdong Xintao molecular sieve Type 4A can be regenerated by either heating in the case of thermal swing processes; or by lowering the pressure in the case of pressure swing processes. 

To remove moisture from a 4A molecular sieve, a temperature of 250-280°C is required. A properly regenerated molecular sieve can give moisture dew points below -60°C. The outlet concentrations on a pressure swing process will depend on the gas present, and on the conditions of the process


4A - Zeolite are available in beads of 1-2 mm(10x18 mesh), 2-3 mm(8x12 mesh), 3-5 mm(4x8 mesh) and as powder 325 mesh, and in pellet 1.6mm, 3.2mm.

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