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What to do if there are a lot of air bubbles in the electronic potting compound after it is cured?

Despite the factors of air been brought in by stirring and form a large number of small bubbles in the polyurethane electronic potting material. The main reason of the forming of air bubbles is that the water content in the material is too high.

When there is moisture or acid in the polyurethane system, it will react with isocyanate to produce CO2. This will cause the product to generate air bubbles and affect the bond strength. How to solve this issue?

We recommend our activated zeolite powder with good dispersibility and rapid adsorption capacity.

It can effectively absorb trace moisture and other small impurities in the material, eliminate air bubbles, increase the gloss of the product.

Xintao Activated Molecular Sieve Powder is pure white and free of impurities, with a small amount of addition it can solve the problem of air bubbles and moisture.

Main application:

Polyurethane adhesive, painting, coating and sealants.

Electronic potting adhesive/glue/compounds.

Pigment and solvent drying.

Rubber track and sport floor.

Insulating glass manufacture.

Epoxy resin industry.

Dehydration of polyurethane polymer.

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