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The Best Option Adsorbent Media for LPG Gas Treatment

Most of the LPG gas has odor due to the sulfur, mercaptan, water, dust and other impurities. So we need to make process first to remove these odors. The common use method is use the LPG Deodorization Equipment, which composed of three filtration columns. At both gas inlet and outlet of the tower, there are boost pumps for gas pressure increase and transportation purpose.

There are three stages for the filtration process, the first column is filled with activated carbon, and the rest two are filled with 13X molecular sieve. There are boost pump at the inlet and outlet of the tower for the LPG transportation and liquefaction to completely purify the LPG gas. 

XINTAO Molecular Sieve 13X is a highly selective adsorbent designed for the elimination of trace contaminants from air and other gases such as LPG, LNG.

It can also be used for the desulphurization (sweetening) of natural gas and other fluids, especially for the removal of mercaptanes, and for drying of gases and liquids.

Below are some pictures shows you how it works:


If you or your clients are interested in our 13X molecular sieve, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@xintaokeji.com for more details.