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Products Information

PTFE pall ring

PTFE (F4, Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a kind of plastic. PTFE pall ring, also called polyutetrafluoroethylene pall ring, teflon pall ring, is made of 100% pure PTFE. It is a kind of special plastic random packing for special working environments and applications. PTFE pall ring has more stable chemical performance and high temperature resistance performance than other plastic pall ring.

PTFE Pall Ring packing has large flux, small resistance, high separation efficiency and operational flexibility. At the same decompression, the handling capacity will be more 50% than Rasing ring. An the same treatment, the pressure can be lower half of the mass, transfer efficiency can improve about 20%.


Low pressure drop.

Large voidage.

Large flux.

High mass transfer efficiency.

Low energy consumption.

Excellent distribution in tower packing.

Optional temperature range. From -100 °C to 260°C.

Excellent chemical resistance. Resistance to almost all organic chemicals, acids & alkalis. This also includes Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), Fluorinated Chemicals, Bromine (Br2) and Brominated Compounds.


PTFE pall ring has wide range of applications in absorption and desorption tower, ammonia plant decarburization system, desulphurization system, ethylbenzene separation, iso-octane separation, etc. 

PTFE pall ring can be used for the distillation or scrubbing of highly corrosive or highly pure chemicals and bulk drugs & Pharma intermediates.

PTFE pall ring are suitable for CS PTFE Lined Distillation Columns, PTFE Lined Distillation Columns, PFA Lined Distillation Columns or Gas Scrubbers, PTFE coated Distillation Columns, PFA coated Distillation Columns, FEP coated Distillation Columns or Scrubbers and Glass Lined Columns or Gas Scrubbers.

Available size

25mm PTFE Pall Rings, 38mm PTFE Pall Rings, 50mm PTFE Pall Rings, 75mm PTFE Pall Rings, 100mm PTFE Pall Rings.

We use virgin PTFE raw material for the manufacturing of PTFE pall rings.

No recycled or reprocessed PTFE raw material is being used.