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Products Information

Zirconium Oxide Ball

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Zirconium Dioxide Features / Properties

Balls manufactured from zirconium dioxide are highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and stress from repetitive impacts. In fact, they will actually increase in toughness at the point of impact. Zirconia oxide balls also have incredibly high hardness, durability, and strength. High temperatures and corrosive chemicals are no issue for zirconia balls, and they will maintain their excellent properties up to 1800 degrees ºF.

This makes zirconia balls a great option for use in many high-impact and high-temperature environments. Their properties make them the most durable ball for grinding and milling applications. In addition, zirconium oxide ceramic balls are commonly used in flow control applications such as check valves, and they are also popular for use in the medical field due to their high strength and purity.

Zirconia Ball Applications:

High-performance bearings, pumps, and valves

Check valves

Flow meters

Measurement instruments

Grinding and milling

Medical & Pharmaceutical industries

Food & Chemical industries



Toners, inks, and dyes

Zirconia Ball Strengths:

Zirconium balls maintain their high strength up to 1800 ºF

Highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion

Chemically inert to caustics, molten metals, organic solvents, and most acids

Undergoes transformation toughening when subject to stress

High strength and toughness

High temperature resistance

High durability

High load capacity


Long lifetime of use

Excellent wear-resistance

Excellent hardness

Zirconia Ball Weaknesses:

Subject to attack by hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids

Not ideal for high-alkaline environments

Zirconia Ball Technical name: Zirconium dioxide

Zirconia Ball Alternative name: Zirconia

Zirconia Ball Abbreviation: ZrO2