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2*40HC Ceramic Raschig Ring Shipment to Europe

2*40HC ceramic raschig ring is ready for shipment to Europe. It's 78 cubic meter 50mm ceramic raschig ring.

Customer produce heat exchangers, separators, so they use ceramic raschig ring in their absorption tower.

Below pictures for your view.



Ceramic Raschig Rings the earliest developed random packing, with simple shape and the outside diameter is equal to height. Ceramic raschig ring has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. It can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid, and can be used in high or low temperature conditions. Consequently the application range is very wide. It is used in the drying columns, absorbing columns, cooling towers, scrubbing towers and actifier column in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, coal gas industry, oxygen producing industry, etc.


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