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Why Can Molecular Sieve Activated Powder be Used as a Polyurethane Dehydration Additive

Molecular sieves are artificial hydrothermally synthesized aluminosilicate crystals, which are converted into different types of molecular sieves by exchanging different metal cations. According to the size of the pore inside the crystal, it adsorbs or repels different material molecules to achieve the effect of separation, so it is vividly called "molecular sieve".

The pore size distribution of molecular sieves is very uniform, so molecular sieves have better adsorption selectivity than other types of adsorbents.

The molecular sieve activated powder is a powdery high-efficiency adsorbent in which the original molecular sieve powder is activated by a high-temperature activation furnace to remove the water in the pores, so that the interior has an open skeleton structure and a highly active adsorption space.

Molecular sieve activation powder has strong activity and can be directly used in production as a selective adsorbent. It is an amorphous desiccant that can physically adsorb and remove impurities that affect production without changing the physical and chemical properties of the product itself.

In particular, it is widely used as a selective adsorbent in the production process of polyurethane dehydration, deep drying of adhesives and sealants, coatings, pigments and solvents, and is used to adsorb impurities such as water and carbon dioxide that must be removed in the production process.

In the process of polyurethane production, due to the influence of raw materials and the environment, there will inevitably be moisture in the raw materials. And when the isocyanate comes into contact with a small amount of water, it reacts immediately, producing dense small bubbles, and the raw material becomes viscous. Air bubbles cannot be discharged, which directly leads to the scrapping of finished products.

Therefore, most of the industrial polyurethane production enterprises will add 3% XINTAO molecular sieve powderto the raw materials, which can efficiently and accurately absorb the moisture in the raw materials and ensure the stable quality of polyurethane production.

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