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Products Information

Application of 4A/5A/13X Molecular Sieve

XINTAO 4A molecular sieve is mainly used for drying of natural gas and various chemical gases and liquids, refrigerants, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, deteriorating substances, separation of methane, ethane and propane.

   4A Molecular Sieve Applications:

    1. Deep drying of air, natural gas, hydrocarbon complete alkane, refrigerant and other gases and liquids;

    2. Preparation and purification of argon;

    3. Static drying of electronic components and substances susceptible to moisture deterioration;

    4. Dehydrating agent in paints, polyesters, dyes and coatings.

XINTAO 5A molecular sieve has a large specific surface area for adsorption, which can achieve deep adsorption of water and residual ammonia. The decomposed nitrogen-hydrogen mixture enters a dryer to remove residual moisture and other impurities. The purification device adopts double adsorption towers, one adsorbs dry ammonia decomposition gas, and the other desorbs moisture and residual ammonia in a heated state (generally at 300-350°C) to achieve the purpose of regeneration.

     5A Molecular Sieve Applications :

     1. Natural gas drying, desulfurization and decarbonation;

     2. Separation of nitrogen and oxygen, separation of nitrogen and hydrogen to produce oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen;

     3. Petroleum dewaxing, separation of normal hydrocarbons from branched hydrocarbons and cyclic hydrocarbons.

     Main uses of XINTAO 13X molecular sieve:

     1. Mainly used for purification of raw material gas of large and medium-sized air separation plants.

     2. Air purification in the air device to remove CO2 and H2O;

     3. Drying and desulfurization of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and liquid hydrocarbons;

      4. Commonly used gas drying.