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Do You Know What Molecular Sieve Work Best for Oxygen Concentrator

At present, there are two main types of molecular sieves for oxygen concentrator on market, sodium type molecular sieve and lithium type molecular sieve. The lithium type is more efficient than sodium type. A lithium-exchanged molecular sieve that provides twice the nitrogen capacity of sodium adsorbents and permits the design of the smallest, most energy efficient units. But lithium type molecular sieve is very expensive, sodium type is more competitive and still occupy large market.


Xintao has Molecular Sieve specially for medical oxygen concentrator.

Xintao 13x HP -   be equivalent of UOP molecular sieve OXYSIV 5XP. The oxygen concentration can reach 93%±3%. 0.4-0.8mm is for 1-10L capacity concentrator and 1.6-2.8mm is for over 10L concentrator.


Xintao Lithium Type -  be equivalent of UOP molecular sieve OXYSIV MDX.  

It shows high N2/O2 separation under a very low pressure, which lowers the 

consumption of producing oxygen. The advantage of on the equilibrium adsorption capacity, it applies to various VPSA device for producing oxygen.

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