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Do you know the application of ceramic/metal/plastic random packing

The ceramic/metal/plastic random packing is mostly used for packed tower. The random packing provide areas for gas and liquid to contact. Below two applications will let us know well about random position in general.


Packed tower stripping for water treatment:


Packed-tower stripping generally consists of packing materials with high-surface area supported and contained in a cylindrical shell. Water normally flows downward through the packing material with forced draft or induced draft upward airflow. The high specific surface area of the packing material provides a high liquidgas mass transfer area. When air contact with liquid, according to the different boiling point, some gas will transfer to liquid and some liquid will transfer to gas. This will separate it.

Treatment of air discharge from industry


The chemical mechanism of absorption is that of dissolution. In a gas stream treatment system that employs absorption as the treatment technology, the stream of gas to be discharged to the air or recycled for reuse is brought into intimate contact with a liquid. Substances dissolve into the liquid and are thus removed from the gas stream. The removed substances have been converted from an air pollutant to a potential water pollutant and will be dealt with further.


Random packing provide areas for gas-liquid transfer. Normally random packings function concerned with its surface area, free volume and dry packing factor.

a. With bigger free volume, random packing will be with better capacity of gas and lower drop pressure.

b. With larger surface area, there will be larger area for gas-liquid transfer.

c. With lower drying factor, the flow resistance will be lower.


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