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  • Activated Alumina TBC Adsorbent
  • Activated Alumina TBC Adsorbent
Activated Alumina TBC AdsorbentActivated Alumina TBC Adsorbent

Activated Alumina TBC Adsorbent

Xintao Activated Alumina​ has a good adsorption effect on the polymerization inhibitor (TBC, p-tert-butylcatechol) in isoprene (IP), which belongs to static adsorption.


Guangdong Xintao Activated Alumina KA100 is as a filtration media in polyethylene production. It has many micro-paths and large specific surface,uniform size, making it as a high adsorbent and purification for styrene. In this process, the slurry co-catalyst is filtered out of the polyethylene. It could adsorb the catalyst residues, TBC(p-tert-Butylcatechol) and hydrocarbons in production of polyethylene and polymer. It Is the same characteristics as AXENS 230S.

Technical Data Sheet:

ItemUnitTechnical data
Activated Alumina KA100
White, Sphere, No Odor, Insoluble In Water, Innocuous
Particle Size
Crush Strengh≥ N/PC2540100
Bulk Densityg/ml0.7-0.8
Surface Aream2/g300-330
Pore Volumeml/g0.45-0.5
Abration loss%≤1.0
Static water absorption(RH%=20%)%10
Static water absorption(RH%=60%)%20
Static water absorption(RH%=95%)%40

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