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  • Activated Alumina for Arsenic Removal
Activated Alumina for Arsenic Removal

Activated Alumina for Arsenic Removal


Activated alumina adsorbents combine chemical adsorption and physical adsorption and removal of metal pollutants in water articulate (or physical) filtering of contaminants. There are many types of activated alumina adsorption sites and high surface area, which is the perfect choice for adsorption of various harmful minerals water, verified results for high levels of arsenic, fluorine, copper, zinc, lead and phosphate. There is also potential for chromium, silicon, selenium, mercury.

In areas with high natural concentrations of arsenic, a factor that causes arsenic poisoning, as well as different forms of cancer have been identified. We produce enhanced activated alumina that increases the adsorption capacity of arsenic while maintaining all necessary physical properties, chemical properties, can work effectively under various conditions.


Technical Parameter:

ModelActivated Alumina KA402
AppearanceWhite, Sphere, No Odor, Insoluble In Water, Innocuous
Size1-2mm, 3-5mm, 6-8mm
Crystal Typex-p
Chemical CompositionAl2O3 %≥93
Na2O %≤0.3
Bulk Densityg/ml0.70-0.75
Surface Aream2/g≥300
Pore Volumeml/g0.30-0.42
Fluorine AbsorptionmgF/g


Attrition Loss




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