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Activated Alumina for Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant, which is widely used in bleaching of paper-making and textile, organic synthesis, electroplating, sewage treatment, chemical medicine, electronics, cosmetics and other industries.


In the past ten years, the global demand for hydrogen peroxide has grown at an average annual rate of about 10%. The national paper industry consumes only 3% of hydrogen peroxide. The paper industry is a growth point in the consumption of hydrogen peroxide.


Activated alumina balls are used in the hydrogenation solution regeneration bed and the clay bed in the hydrogen peroxide production process. The role of the hydrogenation solution regeneration bed is to regenerate the anthraquinone degradation products in the hydrogenation solution, and the role of the clay bed is that the regeneration may be generated.The anthraquinone degradation product and the potassium carbonate solution droplets in the adsorption working fluid.


XINTAO’S KA403-B can be equivalent of BASF’s DD6. The specification is as below:


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