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Conditions That Need to be Controlled for Carbon Molecular Sieve Nitrogen Production

1. Air compression and purification process

It is very necessary for the pure raw material air to enter the carbon molecular sieve adsorption tower, because the particles and organic atmosphere entering the adsorption tower will block the micropores of the carbon molecular sieve and gradually reduce the separation performance of the carbon molecular sieve.

The methods of purifying the raw material air are: 1. Keep the air compressor's air inlet away from places with dust, oil mist, and organic atmosphere; 2. Pass the refrigeration dryer, adsorbent purification system, etc., and finally the processed raw air enters the carbon molecular sieve. Adsorption tower.

2. Concentration of product nitrogen and gas production volume

Carbon molecular sieve produces nitrogen. The N2 concentration and gas production volume can be adjusted according to the needs of users. When the gas production time and operating pressure are determined, the gas production volume is reduced, and the N2 concentration will increase. On the contrary, the N2 concentration will decrease. Users can adjust according to actual needs.

3. Pressure equalization time

In the carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production process, when the adsorption of one adsorption tower is completed, the pressurized gas in the adsorption tower can be injected into another regenerated adsorption tower from the upper and lower directions, and the gas pressure of the two towers is the same. The process is called pressure equalization of the adsorption tower. Choosing an appropriate pressure equalization time can recover energy and reduce the impact on the molecular sieve in the adsorption tower, so as to extend the service life of the carbon molecular sieve. Refer to the switching speed of the gate, generally choose the pressure equalization time to be 1 to 3 seconds.

4. Gas production time

According to the different absorption and diffusion rates of carbon molecular sieve for oxygen and nitrogen, the adsorption of O2 reaches equilibrium in a short time. At this time, the adsorption amount of N2 is small, and the short gas production time can effectively increase the gas production of carbon molecular sieve. However, it also increases the operating frequency of the gate, so the performance of the gate is also very important. Generally, the adsorption time is 30 to 120 seconds. It is recommended to use short gas production time for small high-purity nitrogen generators, and long gas production time for large-scale low-concentration nitrogen generators.

5. Operating pressure

Carbon molecular sieve has a balanced adsorption effect as well as a dynamic effect. The adsorbate partial pressure is high and the adsorption capacity is also high. Therefore, pressurized adsorption is advantageous, but the adsorption pressure is too high, and the requirements for the selection of air compressors are also increased. In addition, the adsorption pressure requirements for the two processes of atmospheric regeneration and vacuum regeneration are also different. Based on various factors, it is recommended that the adsorption pressure of the atmospheric regeneration process be 58Kg/cm2; the adsorption pressure of the vacuum regeneration process should be 3 ~5Kg/cm2 is appropriate.

6. Operating Temperature

Choosing a lower adsorption temperature as the adsorbent is conducive to the performance of carbon molecular sieve, and it is advantageous to reduce the adsorption temperature in the nitrogen generator process under conditions.

7.Product Packaging

(1) This product is strictly tested according to corporate standards when it leaves the factory to ensure that the quality indicators are qualified.

(2) The product is sealed and packaged in plastic barrels with good airtightness. It should be opened before filling and use to prevent moisture absorption.

(3) The filling must be tight, and it can be vibrated by a suitable method, and do not ram it directly with the stick.

0.1Mpa lower than the raw material gas N2 pressure

(4) Store Temperature: ≤40℃