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Safety technical operation instruction of high efficiency oxygen production zeolite

The synthetic zeolite as raw material was identified by the Testing Center of Shanghai Research Institude of Chemical Industry.The product is not classified in toxic,not classified in explosives,not classified in oxidizing substance and organic peroxides,not classified in radioactive material,not classified in corrosives.

The install operators must receive training before taking up their posts,and comply with the following operation requirements:

1.Must Wear overolls and dustproof mask,avoid inhalation of dust when install the zeolite.Must wear a oxygen breathing mask when operate inside the adsorption tower.

2.The product as desiccant with strong water absorption capacity cannot be exposed in the open air before installation.

3.The product must be installed under dry air,no oil mist,no corrosive gas circumstance.

4.Before installation,cleaning up the absorption tower is required,make sure the absorption tower is clean and empty.

5.Before installation,replace the air with Nitrogen completely,and install the zeolites under the condition of continuously nitrogen filling.

6.Before openning the steel drum,check if the packaging drum is in good packing condition to make sure there is no air leakage.After confirm that there is no air leakage in the packaging drum,losse the clip bolt,remove the drum cover and install the zeolite into the adsorption tower immediately.

7.If it is small adsortion tank,put the zeolites in a measuring cylinder and install at a time.During the interval of installation,the inner packing bag should be folded and tight to avoid contact with air and prevent water adsorption.After finish with the installation,if there is molecular sieves left in the drum,seal the inner packing bag well,cover the drum and store in dry air condition.

8.If it is big adsorption tank,should be completed installation in the shortest time according to the calculated quantity.

9.After finish with the installation,must shake the adsorption tank in time to ensure that the molecular sieve is filled densely in the adsorption tank.Seal the tank in time,ensure that it is under the condition of air isolation.

XINTAO oxygen enrichment molecular sieve series are specially used in PSA/VPSA oxygen concentration system. They have excellent N2/O2 selectivity, good crush strength and low loss on attrition, which is cost-effective for concentrating oxygen from air. 

They are widely used in industrial/Medical oxygen concentrator in ozone production filed, Aquaculture field for fish farming,Waste water treatment field, medical oxygen market. etc. Their concentating purity up to 93%+-3%, having good reputation in market.