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What’s the application of random packing and structuring packing?

Facilities such as processing plants, offshore drilling operations, refineries and wasted water treatment facilities often need to perform mass transfer operations. They do this to purify gas and other liquids, as well as to remove pollution and contaminants.

Typically, these facilities pump the liquid into columns, where it then undergoes the separation process. These processes can take a few different forms as below:

Scrubbing: This is a process in which a liquid is used to assist or accomplish the collection of dust or mist.

random packing.png

Distillation: This is the process of separating two substances that have different boiling points.

structuring packing.pngmetal structuring packing.png

Stripping: This is removing the more volatile substance from the liquid at high temperature.

metal random packing.png

metal random tower packing.png

Absorption: This is using a liquid to absorb one component of a gas.

ceramic random packing.png

XINTAO provide different materials random packing and structured packing, such as metal, ceramic and plastic.

Random Packing: Pall Ring, Raschig Ring, Intalox Saddles, Super Raschig Ring, Cascade Mini Ring.

Structured Packing: Wire Gauze structured packing, Perforated Plate Corrugated packing. 

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