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What is molecular sieve activation powder?

Product Description

Molecular sieve activation powder is a kind of aluminosilicate crystal with selective adsorption properties and can adsorb water molecules and gas molecules. It is often used in the synthesis of polyurethane materials as an additive to remove water and eliminate bubbles.

When there is a trace amount of moisture or acidic substances in the polyurethane system, it will react with isocyanate to produce carbon dioxide, causing the product to generate bubbles and affect the bonding strength.

Adding molecular sieve activation powder with dispersion and rapid adsorption capacity to the polyurethane system can effectively remove trace moisture and other small molecule impurities in the material and avoid the generation of bubbles.

Molecular sieve activation powder has excellent dispersion and is perfectly compatible with commonly used polyethers, isocyanates, and polyols. Xinci molecular sieve modified activation powder can extend the curing time of two-component polyurethane, and is especially suitable for polyurethane electronic potting adhesives. The production can leave enough margin for construction operations, and the impurity content in the product is low and the particle size is uniform, so that the adhesive can avoid clogging during spray gun operation.

Molecular sieve activation powder is used in zinc-rich or tin-rich metal coating systems to prevent active metals from reacting with water to produce hydrogen. Molecular sieves can reduce the moisture content to less than 0.1% to facilitate the system to control the release of hydrogen and ensure that the coating is stored during storage stability in the process.

Molecular sieve activated powder can also be added as a selective adsorbent to specific polymer or coating production processes to absorb carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other waste gases generated during the production process.

Application field

1. Used in polyurethane adhesives and sealants, floor paint or polyurethane plastic tracks to make the surface of the paint film smoother and seamless.

2. Used in the field of daily chemicals such as talcum powder, facial mask, mousse, deodorant cleanser, etc.

3. Used in insulating glass strips or added to insulating glass polymer foam, it can often replace aluminum strips as an amorphous desiccant to absorb moisture in the air.

4. Dehydration and deodorization of metallic pigment paints and coatings, pigments and solvents

5. Used in resins, silicone sealants, inks and other systems that require dehydration.

Among them in polyurethane system:

Molecular sieve activation powder can deeply remove various sources of moisture in polyurethane systems. We strongly recommend adding molecular sieve activation powder before isocyanate-containing components come into contact with moisture.

In two-component polyurethane adhesives or systems with special requirements for adaptation period, we recommend using XINTAO upgraded modified molecular sieve activation powder, which can provide a longer trial period for your product and can effectively improve the viscosity of the product. .

XINTAO Molecular Sieve has a complete product quality control system, which can ensure that the particle size of molecular sieve activation powder is finer, more evenly distributed in the system, and the quality of each batch of products is stable.

Metallic coating applications:

Molecular sieve activation powder is used in metal coatings to reduce the water content in the system to less than 0.1%, and has excellent performance in controlling hydrogen release in metal-rich coatings.

In the metal-rich paint system, adding about 1%wt molecular sieve activation powder can perfectly avoid side reactions of water in the system, thereby ensuring the quality of the product.

Molecular sieves can remove odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide or ammonia in paint and coating systems, which can not only improve the quality of products, but also extend the shelf life of products.

If you are interested to know more details about our activated molecular sieve powder, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@xintaokeji.com