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Molecular Sieve Raw Material, Activated Powder and Beads

Molecular sieve raw material is a synthetic inorganic non-metallic porous crystal material, which is the raw material for manufacturing molecular sieve activated powder and molding molecular sieve.

Molecular sieve activated powder is a kind of powder molecular sieve, which is made from molecular sieve raw powder after high temperature drying and roasting. It has excellent dispersing performance and fast adsorption ability to trace water, and is an additive for paints, coatings, insulating glass adhesive tape, rubber, polyurethane and other materials.

Molding molecular sieve is an inorganic non-metallic material with regular appearance and shape made of molecular sieve powder and binder by mixing and molding in a certain ratio, after drying and high temperature roasting.

Molecular Sieve Application

Molecular sieve has the functions of adsorption, ion exchange, catalysis and so on. It can effectively separate and select molecules with different activation diameter sizes, molecules with different polarities, molecules with different boiling points and organic hydrocarbon molecules with different degrees of saturation, which simply means that the desired molecules are screened out through the crystalline materials.

Adsorption is determined by the size of the molecules are adsorbed on the surface of the molecular sieve, until the molecular sieve adsorption saturation, as long as the molecules adsorbed on the surface of the molecular sieve to remove the molecules can make the molecular sieve to restore the adsorption capacity, so as to reuse. This is usually applied to the separation, purification and drying of various gases, such as natural gas drying, refrigerant drying and so on.

Four main use of molecular sieve:Industrial Gas Preparation, Health Care, Energy and Chemical Industry, Environmental Control.

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