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Products Information

What is Tellerate Rosette Ring?

Plastic garland packing also known as tellerate rosette ring, its a kind of ellipsoidal packing made up of many rounds and a reinforcing rib is added in the middle to make it A shape, which greatly improves the compressive strength of the garland. At the same time, the tellerate rosette ring has the advantages of large flux and pressure drop of the general plastic random packing, and also has a higher liquid holding capacity in the gap of the filler, which can make the residence time of the liquid in the tower longer, thus increasing the gas-liquid two-phase. The contact time increases the mass transfer efficiency of the filler.

Users can choose different materials such as PP, RPP, PVC CPVC according to the conditions(such as temperature,pressure, medium,etc) in the tower.

Among the plastic random packing of various materials produced by our company, PVC and CPVC random packing have excellent chlorine resistance, excellent resistance to chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite oxidation, sodium carbonate corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Performance: PVC temperature resistance 60, CPVC temperature resistance 100, PVDF is resistant to temperatures of 150. It has good mechanical strength, is not deformed by high temperature and high pressure, and is widely used in the packed tower of caustic soda and chlor-alkali industry. According to the conventional practice, the column packing generally uses ceramic random packing or conventional plastic random packing, and in particular, the chlor-alkali industry should consider corrosion resistance. The ceramic random packing is not resistant to corrosion or oxidation of chlorine, alkaline compounds such as chlorine, hypochlorous acid, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite, resulting in powder leakage and blockage of pipes and equipment after corrosion of some systems (such as chlorine gas system). . Moreover, it is easy to be broken, and it is more important, resulting in a large investment in equipment. Each maintenance should be filled 30%~40%. Therefore, the use of PVC, CPVC material plastic random packing solves the problem of corrosion and oxidation of ceramics and conventional plastic fillers by chlor-alkali, chlorine and sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide.