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Loading & Unloading Activated Alumina

A Loading and unloading requirements:

1. Place two layers of stainless steel wire with a hole of less than 5mm on the furnace in the activated alumina tower, and then lay a layer of 100mm Φ20-30mm porcelain ball on the steel wire.

2. The activated alumina is evenly loaded into the tower with special tools. The free fall height of the activated alumina can not exceed 1 meter when loading.

3. The activated alumina should be filled evenly and evenly, the operator should work in the tower and step on the wooden board.

4. A layer of stainless steel wire mesh and a 100mm high Φ20mm-30mm porcelain ball should be placed on top of the top activated alumina to prevent the airflow from blowing off the activated alumina and evenly distributing the airflow.


1. Before the official driving, the system should be purged and replaced with nitrogen or other inert gas. After the oxygen content in the gas is less than 0.5%, the raw material gas is passed.

2. After the activated alumina is added to the system, the raw material gas is gradually boosted. After the pressure is normal, the system is half-loaded for 2 to 5 hours to adjust the process conditions. After stabilization, the load is increased to normal production.


1. Temporary parking, close the inlet valve of the activated alumina tower and keep pressure. If the system has a leak, apply N2 to maintain pressure to prevent system negative pressure.

2. Replace the activated alumina parking: close the inlet and outlet valves of the activated alumina tower, reduce the pressure to atmospheric pressure, and then replace the raw material gas in the tower with air when the activated alumina tower is isolated from the production system. After the amount reached 20%, the activated alumina column was opened and the activated alumina was removed.