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Products Information

XINTAO Molecular Sieve Powder

Xintao Technology is leading manufacture of molecular sieves and activated molecular sieve powders over 20years. The production is committed to ISO9001 management system to ensure constant high level quality. 

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Xintao Activated molecular sieve powder is specially applied for as follows:

(1)2K-Polyurethane coatings and mouldings 

(2)1K-Polyurethane storage protection 

(3)Storage protection for metallic pigment paint

(4)Polysulfide and silicone systems

(5)Carriers for chemicals for controlled release

(6)Processing aid for polymer production

(7)Desiccant for the production of polymer desiccant materials

(8)Cosmetics additive

(9)Storage protection additives for highly hygroscopic goods

(10)Additives for flame retardants

(11)Shift of chemical reaction by removal of water as by product

Xintao Activated molecular sieve powder is with high adsorption capacity even at low humidity. The adsorption process is of purely physical nature and doesn’t caused any side reactions unlike calcium compounds.  

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