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How Much do You Know About the Adsorption Time and Purity of Activated Alumina for Static Defluorination?

 Keep the raw water temperature and fluorine purity unchanged, the pH value is 6.7, and the dosage of activated alumina is 5 g/L. When the adsorption time is 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 h, the removal rates of fluoride ions in water are respectively were 25.18%, 35.05%, 42.37%, 49.23% and 58.27%. With the extension of adsorption time, the removal rate of fluoride ions in water increased. When the adsorption time is extended to more than 5h, the fluorine removal rate is basically maintained at about 58%, the adsorption of activated alumina is close to saturation, and the adsorption basically reaches equilibrium.

       When the temperature was 25┬▒0.4Ôäâ, the pH value was 6.7, the dosage of activated alumina was 5 g/L, and the adsorption time was 12h, the effect of initial fluorine purity on the defluorination characteristics of activated alumina was investigated. In the test, when the fluorine purity in the raw water was 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 mg/L, the removal rates of fluoride ions in the water were 74.02%, 60.96%, 62.61%, 56.9% and 41.63%, respectively. Under a fixed dosage of activated alumina, the removal of fluorine is also constant. With the increase of fluorine concentration in raw water, the removal rate of fluoride ions in water by activated alumina decreases.

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