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What are the performance requirements for adsorbents in industrial applications?

In actual industrial applications of adsorbents, different adsorbents are often used due to different mixed gas systems and different purification requirements. However, adsorbents generally have the following main performance requirements.

1. Large specific surface area

For physical adsorption, the adsorption between gas and solid surface is based on intermolecular forces.

Since this adsorption usually only occurs in a thickness area of several molecular diameters on the solid surface, the amount of gas adsorbed per unit area of the solid surface is very small, so it must have a large specific surface area.

2. Certain strength and wear resistance

Due to the quality of the particles themselves and the repeated flushing of gas during the process, frequent changes in pressure sometimes involve changes in higher temperature differences.

Therefore, the adsorbent must have certain strength and wear resistance to prevent the adsorbent from breaking and powdering.

Crushing and powdering not only destroys the uniformity of the bed and reduces the separation effect, but the powder can also cause pipes and valves to be clogged, thereby significantly reducing the production capacity of the entire separation device.

3. Uniform particle size

The shape of adsorbents is mostly spherical or cylindrical. The adsorbent particles used in industrial fixed beds generally have a diameter of about 1-10mm. The selection of adsorbent size generally needs to consider the adsorption pressure. When the pressure is high, larger particles must be used. Ensure that the strength of the adsorbent can withstand higher pressures.

When the pressure requirement is not very high, you can choose products with smaller particles, which have advantages in adsorption rate.

4. Has certain adsorption and separation capabilities

PSA oxygen-generating adsorbent mainly separates nitrogen and oxygen in compressed air. The adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen by the adsorbent must have a large blockage to ensure separation. For example, the adsorption rate of oxygen on carbon molecular sieves is much higher than that of nitrogen.

5. Have a certain commercial scale and reasonable prices

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