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500kg 13X Molecular Sieve Order

On 25th May 2024, XINTAO exported 500KGS 13X Molecular Sieve to a European Institution. This institution is primarily engaged in scientific research and development in the fields of chemical and biological sciences, with a particular focus on problems in the field of chemical engineering. 

This institution use 13X Molecular Sieve for the biogas purification installation in the PSA process. Because installation will be designed as a four-column system with fixed-bed reactors, dimensions of the tanks are 0.6 m diameter and 1.2 m height, so we recommend 1.6mm 13X Molecular Sieve. Attached loading photo.


13X Molecular Sieve, is the sodium form of the type X crystal and has a much larger pore opening than the type A crystals. It will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 10 Angstrom(1.0nm) and exclude those larger.

XINTAO 13X Molecular Sieve, has the highest theoretical capacity of the common adsorbents and very good mass transfer rates. It is mainly used in medicine and air compression system drying.