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Porcelain Ceramic Ball and Carbon Molecular Sieve Order

On 2nd April 2024, XINTAO assisted one customer in Kazakhstan won tender of CNPC branch in Kazakhstan. We supplied 26,200 KGS XINTAO 70 Porcelain Ceramic Ball and 1,000 KGS CMS220 Carbon Molecular Sieve for this project. Goods were loaded on 18th May by truck and the truck arrived Kazakhstan on 27th May. Attached loading photos.


XINTAO 70 Porcelain Ceramic Ball is in chemical composition 70+% alpha alumina and a maximum 0.2wt% SiO2. Because of its high alumina content and low silica (SiO2 ), it's a very excellent and ideal product for high temperature and steam applications, such as secondary reformers in ammonia processing, where leached silica will coat downstream equipment or foul the catalyst bed.

Carbon Molecular Sieve, takes the appearance of cylindrical black solid, contains countless 4 angstrom fine pores. The main component is element carbon. XINTAO Carbon Molecular Sieve, has the character of large N2 yield capacity and high N2 recovery. It has long service life, is suitable for various types of PSA nitrogen making machine.

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