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Carbon Molecular Sieve Installation Steps

Generally, industrial nitrogen is produced by carbon molecular sieve through pressure swing adsorption. According to the different models of nitrogen production, it is divided into CMS 220/240/260/280.

The ability of carbon molecular sieve to separate air depends on the different diffusion speeds of various gases in the air in the carbon molecular sieve micropores. The diffusion speed of oxygen molecules through the narrow pores of the carbon molecular sieve microporous system is much faster than that of nitrogen molecules, and the carbon molecular sieve is empty. Divided nitrogen is based on this performance, and the nitrogen is separated from the air by PSA.

Many end-user customers don’t have the experience to install new carbon molecular sieve absorbent from their nitrogen generator, for your reference, the approximate steps of carbon molecular sieve installation can be summarized as follows:

1.Power off and shut down the entire equipment  first. After the gas pressure is released, open the top cover of the tank and remove the pad, fence and wire mesh (if the pad and wire mesh are deformed, need to replace with a new one), then remove all the expired molecular sieves from the material outlet hole of the tank and clean it up with a vacuum cleaner or other equipment.

2. After cleaning the sieve tank, start to fill the carbon molecular sieve. If the air intake pipe enters from the bottom, need to fill 50mm height of activated alumina desiccant first, then start to fill with carbon molecular sieve. If the air intake enters from the upper end, then it's not necessary to add activated alumina desiccant, fully fill with carbon molecular sieve.

* In the filling process, large equipment needs to vibrate twice. Vibrate once when it is half loaded. And vibrate one more time when it fill to the top, and the vibration time is 15-20 minutes. During the vibration process, pay attention to whether any part of the device falls off.

3. After the carbon molecular sieve is filled into the tank, put a brown pad and 2 layers of wire mesh thick, then seal the tank cover tightly.

* If the rubber strip in the tank cover is aging and expired, it should be replaced with a new one. After sealing, check the equipment, valves and other equipment, and then start up to operate the equipment.

XINTAO can offer instructional video and video call guidance service after customers purchase our carbon molecular sieve, welcome to send your inquiry if you are interested in our carbon molecular sieve.


Brown pad picture:                                                              


The material outlet hole: 

CMS 220_副本.png

The vibration tool:  

CMS 240_副本.png

If the tank top is convex shape, need to circle up with a metal panel to fill more carbon molecular sieve and make sure the tank is fully filled with sieves.

CMS 260.png