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Metal Intalox Saddle IMTP

Metal Intalox Saddle was developed by the United States Norton, between the shape of its saddle-shaped ring and between, and the advantages of both. Intalox metal structure in the saddle-shaped packing ring based on the increase of the annular tendon, to avoid overlap and ensure a certain degree of strength and rigidity out of a number of small claws, an increase of gas-liquid agitation, enhanced mass transfer, thus produce a unique performance.


Metal Intalox Saddle is referred to as domestic-shaped locks Intel fill, enjoy a high international reputation. This new type of efficient packing for the new equipment, packed tower, plate tower height lower than 35%, 30% decrease in diameter, or increase the efficiency of 10-30%, 20-60% reduction in pressure loss. Domestic wet instead of dry distillation distillation pilot study showed that 20 percent can reduce the investment. In short, the use of a new type of ring can be increased Intalox yield or low power costs and improve separation efficiency.

Metal intalox saddle is also called metal intalox saddle ring, metal intalox saddle packing. It is an efficient intalox saddle, which combines the advantages of annulus and saddle. Metal intalox saddle has higher packing strength and better stiffness than plastic intalox saddle. The annular ribs of metal intalox saddle effectively avoid overlapping. This largely improves the packing's separation efficiency. Metal intalox saddle's pawls play an important role in improving the packing's working efficiency. They effectively enhance the gas-liquid agitation and increase the mass transfer coefficient. Metal intalox saddle ring has good corrosion resistance. It is fit for acid gas removal.

Metal intalox saddle increases the porosity of the packed bed. Its arc-shaped liquid passage not only reduces the resistance of the packed bed but also decreases the radial diffusion coefficient of the downward liquid. Compared with the metal rasching ring, metal intalox saddle ring has larger packing flux, lower pressure drop and higher efficiency. Besides, it also has lower resistance, higher mechanical strength and better rigidity than the metal pall ring. Metal intalox saddle is suitable for various packed towers of different diameters. It is widely used in high pressure towers and vacuum towers.

Metal Intalox Saddle can be a variety of materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel 304,304 L, 410,316 L, etc.


Low pressure drop.

High mechanical strength.

High separation effect.

Large effective interfacial area.

Excellent mass transfer efficiency.

Low cost.


Applied in high pressure towers and vacuum towers.

Used in distillation, desulfurization and decarbonization.

Used in chemical industry, metallurgical industry and environmental protection industry.

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