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What is structured packing?

Structured packing is formed from corrugated sheets of perforated embossed metal, plastic (including PTFE) or wire gauze. The result is a very open honeycomb structure with inclined flow channels giving a relatively high surface area but with very low resistance to gas flow.


What is structure packing used for?

Structured packing is used in processing plants to package and store liquid. It is particularly useful in offshore applications, such as offshore drilling, because the increased liquid spreading helps counterbalance the effects of the constant motion of the offshore plant.

Today we talk about Metal Corrugated Structured Packing.

Corrugated structured packing consists of a series of metal sheets specially arranged and engineered to encourage contact between liquids in a chemical process tower. Structured packing is used in distillation columns, chemical reactors and absorption columns. Corrugated sheet packing is ideal for separations requiring a large number of theoretical stages in low liquid rate absorption/stripping systems and for applications that require a wide operating range.

Corrugated packing is available in two main configurations: X and Y. 

In Y packings, the more common of the two, sheets align at a 45-degree angle from horizontal. X packings, on the other hand, feature a 60-degree inclination, providing a lower pressure drop that makes them better suited for high-capacity applications.

Benefits of Corrugated Structured Packing:

Corrugated tower packing is among the most economical options available. It delivers minimal pressure drop across the packing bed and excellent liquid spreading characteristics across the packing surface.

This packing has specially designed vertical sheets that maximize gas/liquid contacting, mixing and renewable liquid film formation. Sheets include pressure drop reducing and liquid diversion openings. The shapes of the openings guide and direct gas and liquid flows for full integration of gas and liquid contacting.

As liquid and gas flow through corrugated packing, the shape of the openings in the sheets maximizes contact between materials, and both mixing and liquid film formation are improved. As fluid flows down the structured packing column, it drips off a series of tabs and spreads along the surface of the sheet. Systems can be engineered to prevent bridging by bending tabs upward, encouraging fluid to flow to the underside of the sheet.

XINTAO manufactures X and Y structured packing from 304 and 316 stainless steel. 304 is the more economical of the two and still offers good corrosion resistance. 316 is a more durable option with a higher nickel content and two percent molybdenum for additional protection against oxidation.

304 stainless steel is sufficiently durable for most use cases. For offshore marine and other demanding applications, upgrading to 316 may be a worthwhile investment.


Our high-performance corrugated structured packing is suitable for use in:

Vacuum and atmospheric crude oil fractionators

FCC main fractionators

TEG contactors

Use structured packing for processes requiring a large number of theoretical stages, in low liquid rate absorption/stripping systems and any application requiring a large operating range. Our structured packing products are versatile and highly customizable, making them a great choice for both new systems and existing tower retrofits.

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