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Carbon Molecular Sieve Filling and Replacing for Nitrogen Generator

Under normal operation of the nitrogen generator, the user should regularly monitor varieties indictors of the nitrogen generator system, such as inlet air pressure, discharge of water and oil filter, on-line detection of nitrogen purity and outlet flow rate. The outlet flow rate should be down if purity drop which lead to capacity below requirement, generator system should be shut down for maintenance immediately. The adsorbents inside may should be replaced.


Brief introduction of CMS replacing and installation is as below:


1. Avoid rainy day and choose dry weather to fill.


2. Cut off air compressed and unload the internal pressure of generator until all pressure gauges return to zero, then shut down the whole system.


3. If the nitrogen outlet pipe is connected to the top cover of the adsorption column, the pipe should be disconnected first before cover removed.


4. Clean up the residues in the adsorption columns and dry the inner wall with compressed air.


5. Check if the wire mesh and brown mat damaged in the column.( Wire mesh and brown mat can be cleaned and dry and placed in. The gasket between upper cover and the column circle  can be replaced  with new one to avoid air leakage.


6. After checking there is no residue in the columns, it’s ready to filling.


7. A layer of brown mat can be lay on the bottom. 5CM height of activated alumina can be filled in firstly. Then carbon molecular sieve can be filled in. And it should be filled as soon as possible once package opened to avoid CMS damp.


8. When filling to the top, a hammer or vibration equipment can be used to shake columns to ensure CMS tightly packed, then extra 5-10cm above should be filled before cover closed.


10. Reset all equipment and parameter after loading.