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  • 13X-HP Molecular sieve
  • 13X-HP Molecular sieve
  • 13X-HP Molecular sieve
13X-HP Molecular sieve13X-HP Molecular sieve13X-HP Molecular sieve

13X-HP Molecular sieve

Molecular Sieve 13X- HP is mainly used in PSA oxygen concentrators and oxygen concentrators device, and as well as the industrial PSA unit, with the characteristics of higher N2 adsorption capacity and N2 with O2 selectivity, easy desorption and etc.

Product Introduction

XINTAO oxygen enrichment molecular sieve series are specially used in PSA/VPSA oxygen concentration system. They have excellent N2/O2 selectivity, good crush strength and low loss on attrition, which is cost-effective for concentrating oxygen from air.

They are widely used in industrial/Medical oxygen concentrator in ozone production filed, Aquaculture field for fish farming,Waste water treatment field, medical oxygen market. etc. Their concentating purity up to 93%+-3%, having good reputation in market. Technical datas refers to below chart.




Light gray

Nominal pore diameter

10 angstroms


Sphere (ball)

Diameter (mm)



Loss on Ignition (wt%.575℃, 1hr)



Bulk density (g/ml)



Crushing strength (N)



Static H2O capacity (wt% RH60%,25℃)



Static CO2 capacity(wt% 250mmHg, 25℃)



Attrition (wt%)



Particle Ration (%)



N2 capacity(ml/g,)



N2/O2 Selectivity(a,)




Sodium molecular sieve, PSA oxygen molecular sieve, Zeolite 13x hp


XINTAO Oxygen Molecular Sieve is widely used in

Industrial oxygen generating systems

Scuba oxygen tanks and bottles

Home oxygen generator equipment

Hospital oxygen supply systems

Aquaculture oxygen systems

Portable oxygen generators

Emergency oxygen systems

Ozone generators

PSA (pressure swing adsorption) oxygen generators

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