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Activated Alumina for Chloride Removal

During the production of petrochemicals, chlorine in raw materials can cause a variety of catalysts and suction 2, N2, NH3, CO, CO2 and other raw materials.

There are usually a large amount of HCL in liquid-phase stone brain reorganization oil, which will affect the operation of subsequent devices. Our Activated Alumina for Chloride Removal can continue to work in any temperature environment, adsorb HCL, and continuously adsorb HCL.

Activated Alumina for Chloride Removal is mainly used for removal of hydrogen chloride and other impurities in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. It can also make the chloride dehydrogen chloride and hydrogen chloride. The chloride is made of superior metal oxides as an active component and is prepared by special processes. The chloride is suitable for various chemical raw material gas and liquid hydrocarbons dehyllinum chlorine under normal and low temperature conditions. At low temperature (-4 ~ 100 ° C), there is a higher chlorine and removal accuracy. Even if the chlorine content in the raw material is as high as 200 ppm, the chlorine content is still less than 0.1 ppm after treatment.

The internal tunnel of Activated Alumina for Chloride Removal is high polarity. It has a large adsorption force for polar molecules, which can effectively remove HCL with strong polarity from non -polar molecular hydrogen. Fresh chloride in most alkanes can also be removed with active aluminum oxide.

To fill in the aluminum oxide dehydrator, first spread 8 ~ 10 stainless steel wire mesh on the board of the reactor, and then fill the aluminum oxide dehydent. If you go up, you must lay a layer of 8 to 10 on the alumina chloride removal agent and fix it. In addition, the special filling tool should be used to rotate freely, so that the material can be uniformly filled in the reactor, and it is strictly forbidden to pour the aluminum oxide chloride from the middle or fixed area.