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Application of Ceramic Balls

There are many types of ceramic balls, and their functions and applications are also different. 


Ceramic ball is a material widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries. The industrial ceramic balls we call daily are divided into filler-type ceramic balls and grinding-type ceramic balls.


The filler ceramic ball is also known as the inert alumina ceramic ball. It has high mechanical strength, long service life and good chemical stability. It will not chemically react with the material, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and thermal shock stability. Including ordinary ceramic balls with an aluminum content of about 17%, inert alumina ceramic balls, medium alumina ceramic balls, high alumina ceramic balls, 99 high alumina ceramic balls, concave-convex grooved ceramic balls, active ceramic balls, and ceramic balls Ball, micro-porous ceramic ball, heat storage ceramic ball.


The main function of the filler ceramic ball is to increase the gas or liquid distribution points, support and protect the active catalyst of chemical materials with low strength. Mainly used in the high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive working environment of the chemical industry. For example, the equipment covered by the filtered silica in the reformer, reaction furnace, and packed tower in the petroleum and chemical industries may form fouling or damage the catalyst carrier.


Filler ceramic balls are also commonly used in high and low temperature shift furnaces, reformers, hydro-converters, desulfurization tanks, methane reformers, and hot blast furnaces and heating shift equipment in the iron and steel industry. The application of filler ceramic balls is very wide.


Grinding ceramic balls are divided into silicon carbide grinding ceramic balls, micro-crystalline medium-aluminum grinding ceramic balls, and high-aluminum grinding ceramic balls. Generally speaking, 60%~65% aluminum content is classified as medium aluminum ball, 75%~80% aluminum content is medium high aluminum ball, and more than 90% aluminum content is high aluminum ball. Among them, the high-alumina balls are subdivided into 90 porcelain, 92 porcelain, 95 porcelain. 




The grinding ceramic ball has the advantages of high hardness, high volume density and corrosion resistance. Due to its high alumina content, it has the characteristics of high density, high hardness and high wear resistance, and is often used in major oil refineries, fertilizer plants, petrochemical plants, urea plants, nitrogen fertilizer plants, dye plants and pharmaceutical and coating industries. Used as grinding media for fine grinding equipment such as ball mills, pot mills, and vibration mills in the field.


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