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Company News

XINTAO Supported a European Customer Win Two 40GP Molecular Sieve Tender

Professional technical support and high performance cost ratio helped our European customer win a tender for 2*40GP 3A molecular sieve and 4A molecular sieve this October.

Customer sent us inquiry on 31st May, the end user is one of the largest refineries in Eastern Europe. We sent quotation on 1st June.

On 28th June, customer sent us technical questions and we answered very professionally and quickly on 29th June.

On 14th August, we reduced price because EUR/CNY rised comparing with June. 

On 10th October, customer informed us that they won this bidding and sent us Purchase Order.

On 31st October, we received down payment from customer and started production.

On 11th December, balance payment was received and we delivered goods on 13th December.

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