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A Middle East Customer Repeated Order 4 Years Later

In September 2019, a Middle East customer ordered 1625kg 13X molecular sieve and 300kg KA401 activated alumina from XINTAO.

4 years later, this customer repeated order of 1680kg 13X APG molecular sieve and 405kg KA401 activated alumina.

This customer is leading supplier for medical and industrial gases, which is a company with experience in gases business for more than 40 years and since 1973 in partnership with other sister companies.

XINTAO 13X APG molecular sieve is specially designed to co-absorb CO2 and H2O for air cryo-separation industry. It has larger capacity and faster adsorption speed for removal of CO2 and H2O to prevent the bed gelation, it is suitable for any air cryo-separation plants of any size and any types in the world. 

XINTAO Activated alumina has an exceptionally high volumetric capacity for any liquids that may be present in the feed stream and can hold over 50% of its weight in liquids. It can be used as absorbent, desiccant and catalyst carrier. It is also a kind of trace water desiccant and the pole-molecular absorbent, according to the absorbed molecule polarization, the attachment force is strong for water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali ect. It can widely used in the deep drying of cracked gas, ethylene and propylene, hydrogen-generation, air separation, instrument air drying and fluorine treatment for H2O2, also in the absorbing pollution material, such as H2S, SO2, HF and paraffin in the waste gas, especially in the drinking water defluorinate. 

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