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PSA working principle of household oxygen generator

Air pressure is less than 0.2MPa for household oxygen generator for adsorption process. Its working principle is as shown above, Skarstrom cycle with two layers(that is, two molecular sieve towers) oxygen generator is adopted and the working process is as follows:

Air enters into the compressor through the filter, compressed air goes into the adsorber A and B through the filter for adsorption and separation, the control system controls the separation valve to change the adsorption cycle and distributes the flow direction of intake and exhaust. Take a cycle in the process (see Figure) as an example, compressed air enters into the adsorber A, at this time the rotating valve FA1 and FA2 are open, FB1 and FB2 are closed, nitrogen in the air is adsorbed into the molecular sieve in the adsorber, oxygen is outflew through the top T-joint of the adsorber, some is used to blowback the adsorber  B that in the state of desorption and the others are output by the fine sieve tower and the flowmeter. When the molecular sieve in the adsorber  A reaches the critical state of saturation, the valve FA1 and FA2 are closed by controller, the FB1 and FB2 open. As shown in Figure, the intake is switched to the adsorber B, and the adsorber  A is decompressed and desorbed at the same time, the desorption gas (gas that rich nitrogen) is discharged through the separation valve. The working process of the adsorber B is exactly the same as that of the adsorber A, and the two adsorbers alternate to generate oxygen continuously.