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Products Information

Xintao KN95 mask to protect you from Corona Virus

Xintao KN95 mask is made in five layer material: The first layer is spunbonded polypropylene which is waterproof, it can filter dust, pollen and allergens etc ;The secondand third layer is Meltblown polypropylene, it can against virus, bacteria and droplets etc ;The forth layer is hot air cotton non-woven fabric; The fifth layer is Spunbonded polypropylene, it is direct contact skin layer, soft and no scraping. Our KN95 mask is efficient to prevent the spread of influenza, curb the spread of germs. Its filtration efficiency is not less than 95%.

Xintao KN95 mask Characters and selling point:

1. 5 layer filter.

2. Soft, lightweight, breathable, odorless

3. Factory competitive price

4. Skin friendly, comfortable