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Products Information

Molecular Sieve Applications

Process Industry Applications

Natural Gas Processing

l Dehydration of natural gas and natural gas liquids such as propane and butane

Removal of CO2 , H 2 S, mercaptans and other impurities from natural gas or natural gas liquids

Hydrogen Production or Recovery

Drying and purification of H2 using either thermal swing or pressure swing adsorption

Basic Petrochemical and Synthesis Gas Processes

Purification of natural gas feed

Drying and purification of the reformer gas prior to the ammonia loop

Treating of ammonia off-gas streams

Olefin and polyolefin production

Drying of cracked olefin gas, ethylene and propylene products 

Dehydration and purification of ethane feed to the cracker

Impurity removal from polyolefin plant feed (catalyst protection from oxygenates, sulfides)

Industrial Gases

Dehydration and CO2 removal from air for cryogenic processing

Separation of high-purity oxygen from air via Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA)

Recovery of inert gases by adsorption

Petroleum Refining

Dehydration of light-ends (e.g. olefin) for cryogenic recovery

Purification of feed to catalytic processes such as isomerization, dimerization and alkylation units

Chemical Storage

Underground cavern drying and treating

Storage tank breathers

Product recovery from vent streams

Fuel Ethanol Production

Bulk water removal at the azeotrope

Purification of food- and pharma-ceutical-grade ethanol


Miscellaneous Petrochemicals

Drying of solvents

Purification of feed streams to catalytic processes such as for ethyl benzene


Industrial Applications

Insulating Glass

Prevention of condensation in the insulating glass space of windows

Package Protection

Dehydration and trace contamination removal in enclosed spaces

Removal of odors

Pollution and VOC Control

Containment and concentration of solvent vapors

Polymer Processing

Removal of water of reaction in urethane formulations

Cell size control in blown foams

Plastic pellet driers prior to blow- or injection-molding

Systems Protection Devices

Dehydration and filtration of refrigerant loops

Dehydration and purification of compressed breathing air

Dehydration of compressed air for pneumatic tools

Truck and railroad air brake driers

Medical Uses

Oxygen concentrators for respiratory therapy