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Products Information

Introduction of Macroporous Silica Gel

Macroporous silica gel is a special type of silica gel. The low-density macroporous silica gel is milky white particles. The main component is SiO2.nH2O. Like other silica gels, it is a highly active adsorption material. It is an amorphous substance, insoluble in water and inorganic Acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and concentrated caustic solution. According to the shape of macroporous silica gel, it can be divided into macroporous spherical silica gel and macroporous block silica gel.

Product Features

Macroporous silica gel is insoluble in water and any solvent, odorless, stable in chemical properties, and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Because the manufacturing method of macroporous silica gel is different from that of other silica gels, different microporous structures are formed. The difference between it and other silica gels is that it has a large pore volume, that is, a large adsorption capacity, and a very light bulk specific gravity.

Typical Advantages

Large pore diameter, large specific surface area, large pore volume.


Isolation and Purification. Stable chemical properties can also be used as a carrier in special fields. This product is widely used in beer stabilizers, catalysts and catalyst carriers, polymer protein adsorption in fermented products, refining and purification of life active substances, water purification and recovery of precious metals, separation and purification of active ingredients in Chinese herbal medicines and synthetic drugs, water-resistant glue materials and Air separation adsorption. Petrochemical, electronic instruments, household appliances, physical/chemical laboratories, biological and food industries.

Storage and Transportation

Store under airtight conditions at room temperature, avoid rain, moisture and sun exposure, please seal the package again in time after opening.

This product has strong hygroscopicity and should be stored in a dry place with a shelf between the package and the ground.

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