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Products Information

High Temperature Energy-Saving Shift Catalyst

XINTAO High Temperature Energy-Saving Shift Catalyst is a new type high shift catalyst applied to low ratio of steam-gas. The catalyst is applied for the process of synthesizing ammonia, synthesizing methanol and hydrogen production of CO shift reaction in petrochemical industry. It is particularly suitable for large, medium and small scale energy saving process with natural gas raw material. It has the characteristics of low sulfur content, good low temperature activity, low bulk density, high crush strength, and strong coke resistance. It strongly inhibit the F-T side reaction under low steam-gas ratio which mostly adaptable for energy saving process at low water-carbon ratio.

Physical Properties

The item belongs to a new type of iron-chromium shift catalyst, content S<0.025%.

AppearanceBrown Cylinder
Particle Size5 X (4~5) mm
Bulk Density1.15~1.55 Kg/L
Radial Crush Strength≥200 N/cm
Wear Ratio≤10.0 %
Loss on Ignition≤12 %

Ordinary Technique Condition

Operating Pressure0.5~6.0 MPa
Air spped500~2500 h-1
Inlet Gas Temperature300~340 ˚C
Hot-spot Temperature370~450 ˚C
Vapor/Raw Gas( Dry Basis)0.4~0.45
Sulfur Content in Raw Gas<1.0 ppm
Oxygen Content in Raw Gas≤0.5 %