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What is the Application of 3A Molecular Sieve?

Molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate compound with crystal structure. Molecular sieve has a uniform microporous structure, and its pore diameter is uniform. These pores can adsorb molecules smaller than its diameter into the cavities, and have preferential adsorption capacity for polar molecules and unsaturated molecules, so molecular sieve with different degree of polarity, different degrees of saturation, different molecular sizes and different boiling points can be separated, that is why called molecular sieves.


Because it contains metal ions with a low electricity and a large ion radius and water in a combined state, water molecules are continuously lost after heating, but the crystal skeleton structure remains unchanged, forming many cavities of the same size, besides the cavities with many same diameter micropores connected. These tiny cavities have uniform diameters. The molecules smaller than the pore diameter can be absorbed into the cavities, while molecules larger than the pores will be stopped outside, so that with different degrees of polarity, different boiling points, and different degrees of saturation are separated, that is the effect of sieving molecules.


Compared with other adsorbents, molecular sieve is with high adsorption capacity, strong thermal stability and it has a wide range of applications.



a)Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons (e.g. ethylene, propylene, butadien)

b) Cracked Gas Drying

c) Drying of natural gas, if COS minimization is essential, or a minimum co-adsorption of hydrocarbons is required.

d) Drying of highly polar compounds, such as methanol and ethanol

e) Drying of liquid alcohol

f) Static, (non-regenerative) dehydration of insulating glass units, whether air filled or gas-filled.

g) Drying of CNG.


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