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Xintao Tri-pack Tower Packing

Reinforced multi-faced ball packing is similar to multi-faced hollow ball packing. The filler layer continuously promotes the formation of micro-droplets, providing the largest range of contact area between the gas and the scrubbing liquid, and can minimize the packing depth of the packing. Due to the smooth surface, blockages can be avoided during use. Because the surface is smooth and there are no grooves, the liquid flow loss on the surface can be minimized. Reinforced polyhedral ball packing can also avoid the overlap between the packings generated during the accumulation, thereby further improving the efficiency of the liquid-gas contact reaction.



● Added symmetrical dew sticks;

● Large specific surface area;

●Very low pressure drop;

●Extremely high operation ability;

●High gas velocity and high heat mass transfer rate;

●Excellent gas-liquid separation performance;

● Prevent nesting and make separation easier;

●Bulk installation, convenient installation;

●Suitable for various plastic materials, easy to form;

● Predictable performance;



1) Material: PE, PP, PVC, PVDF, CPVC...etc

2)Size: 25mm,32mm,50mm,90mm... etc

3)Application: Widely used in petroleum and chemical industries, alkali chloride industries, gas industries and environmental protection industries with max. Absorption, scrubbing, and stripping services