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Metal Cascade Mini Ring

The ideal height to diameter ratio ensures parallel stacking of Cascade Mini Ring (similar to structured packing stacking). To some extent, it promotes complete gas-liquid contact. The circular overturn at both ends of the metal step ring and the larger opening area will promote the continuous flow and transfer of liquid, thereby realizing surface renewal. Therefore, it can be considered as a metal bulk packing with high gas-liquid contact efficiency.

Technical Parameter:

ModelCascade Mini Ring
MaterialCarbon Steel; SS 304, 304L, 410, 316, 316L, etc.
Dimensionmm17×625×8 34×11 43×14 51×17 66×21 86×29 
Numberper m3530000150000610003300015700101404310
Bulk densitykg/m3265261190178110136114
Surface aream2/m342023816416010510878
Free volume%9696.997.497.59897.998.5
Typical ApplicationAbsorption, scrubbing and stripping services        
Package       Jumbo bag, Carton box, wooden box

a) By National Standard HG/T 4374-2012; HG/T 21556.1-1995

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